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Hi! I’m Nicklas Koski and I’m the man behind this web site. I’m blogging about social media, online communities and search engines every now and then. I started blogging because I’m intrested in these topics and I think that information and comments about the topics may be helpful for other people, as well. I write mainly in Finnish.

I have an experience of many years of developing web sites. I have taken part in developing some of the largest online communities and search engines in Finland.

Currently I'm working for the Finnish media company Sanoma as the Development Manager for Ilta-Sanomat.

In the beginning of 2007 I co-founded a new company Jemino Ltd, whose CEO I am. Jemino develops Internet media sites and during the summer of 2007, we launched Starttis. It's an easy to use starting page and a navigation tool for the Internet.

Previously I was in charge of the business and product development at Suomi24. That is the most popular online community and social media site in Finland with extremely popular message boards, chat rooms, dating services and many other services.

I have also been the manager of the predecessor of the search engine, when it was a part of Suomi24, and before that, the manager of the Evreka search engine. At, the predecessor of Suomi24, I was in charge of the product development of the community services.

Often I’ve given comments and statements to the media about the operations and development of online communities and social media.

I made my first home page back in 1996 I started blogging in 2002. You can read more about the history of this web site at the About this site page.

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