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Destination Iceland

A journey to Reykjavík and the geysers and the lava fields on Iceland.
In English, Finnish and Swedish
Frosty water

Hiking in Kilpisjärvi-Isdalen

Hiking in three countries in Lapland.
In English, Finnish and Swedish

Struktur Barcelona

Photos from Barcelona and the monestary of Montserrat in Catalonia.
In English, Finnish and Swedish

The Death of a Factory

Old factories are under the threat of demolition.
Flash 3 - 724 kb - In English and Finnish
Published on
Local train

Berlin S+U

By train through Berlin.
Flash 3 - 818 kb- In German
Human tissue

Too Solid Flesh

A feature story from a beauty-surgeon.
Flash 2 - 162 kb - In English and Finnish
Published in Helsingin Sanomat

Tekstiviesti saapunut

You have a message in your cellphone.
In Finnish

Ohoi! Ohoi!

Photographs from Vasa harbour.
In Finnish
Pregnant woman

Voima joka muuttaa naisen vartalon

Women and pregnancy.
In Finnish

Other pieces of work

A table at the service station

Asema jolla tapetaan aikaa

A photoreport from a service-station in Tampere, Finland.
PDF - 1,2 Mb - In Finnish

Sivustojen siunattu vähäeleisyys

Thoughts about web design.
Flash 2 - In Finnish
En dikt

The secret mystery

I wrote a poem about computers and mindlessness.
QuickTime - 130 kb - In English

The Big Joke

How homepages evolved.
In English


Webbnummer is an ezine of mine. It’s a student project.
1996 - In Swedish
Kuva yökerhosta


Pictures from projects that I made during my time at Åbo Akademi University in Vasa.
In Swedish and Finnish


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